26 / 05 / 14

In its first three days in use  the new Bornay web presented at the fair increased the number of new requests by 70%.

Bornay far exceeded the expectations placed on the International Energy and Environment Trade Fair, Genera 2014, which closed its doors yesterday after receiving   thousands of visitors.

With a stand that earned the praise of the hundreds of people who visited it, Bornay consolidated its difference from other companies in the renewable energy sector. This  difference, described very well by the hashtag #ExperienciaBornay used by the firm during the fair, represents the company’s proximity, transparency and evolution, “something that our clients and suppliers experience in their day-to-day contacts with Bornay, explained Juan de Dios Bornay, General Director of the firm.

Bornay chose this fair to present its new corporate web,, which enjoyed an excellent reception, considering that in the first three days in  operation it showed an increase  of  70% in  the register of new requests via the web.

The new page, with an agile innovative design, is divided into two clearly differentiated parts: one that  shows  the catalog of the items produced and distributed by the company, and the other, corporate part in which is reflected the firm’s particular philosophy as well as its social commitment through its actions of Corporate Social Responsibility. was conceived as a platform from which to spread Bornay’s mission of carrying energy  to any place in the world and represents much more than an improvement in the aesthetics of the page, “as it is a definite support and  communication tool for all the members of the Bornay world – both clients and suppliers,” stated the  firm’s General Director.

The presentation of the new web is part of a company-organized workshop in which Bornay provided its clients with the necessary tools to make their businesses profitable. This was a totally new initiative in the sector, where for an entire day clients and suppliers, in teams, worked on technical themes related to their everyday activities.

The act was presented by the firm’s president, Juan Bornay, who thanked the  clients and suppliers for  their  presence and made them participants in the evolution  of the company. On his part,  the General Director, Juan de Dios Bornay, directed the whole activity, which  ended with a lecture on commercial motivation  and sales given by the company’s coach, Carolina Hernández.

Furthermore, Bornay took advantage of its presence at Genera to  present its new catalog of products, whose main activity is the  production of wind turbines for the small wind turbine sector. The product is its own, with an important base in research and internal development, carried out in the I+D+i (Research + Development  + innovation) department of the company.

On the other hand, Bornay is the distributor a range of renewable energy products that meet the needs of  its  clients  in  the area of green energies. The two new products presented at Genera 2014 were PinLite and  the Deka Promaster line of batteries.

PinLite, thanks to a solar panel, makes it possible to connect a light bulb or charge a mobile telephone anywhere in the world, an easy and economical way to provide the basic electrical services.  

PinLite is a microstation composed of  a solar panel with  a power of 20 pW, two 3W LED bulbs, and a set of USB connectors. Inside it has a Li-ion battery capable of storing energy and supplying it for the use  of the system with an  autonomy of up to 8 hours.  

It also has a USB connector where any type of mobile telephone can be recharged, as well as two RJ10 connectors where the LED bulbs can be connected.

Bornay designed PinLite having in mind many varied uses, ranging from lighting in hostels or for those who participate in outdoor sports to such important uses as covering basic electrical communication needs in areas without service  and in developing countries.

Furthermore, Bornay has expanded its battery catalog with the inclusion  of the Deka Promaster line. Deka is the trademark of East Penn Manufacturing, a company founded in 1946, which manufactures a broad range of  lead-acid batteries and their accessories. It is a forward-looking company that operates the sector’s largest independent single-site battery factory.

Deka batteries are produced in installations that are monitored and  controlled, which results in the company’s being the most technologically advanced manufacturer of batteries. Deka is known the world over as a reference of maximum quality and durability. Its plant in the United States produces thousands of batteries of different types for  industrial applications, the automotive market, and commercial, marine, stationary and special markets, providing batteries for most of the best-known and most–used brands.

Bornay has included in its catalog the Deka Promaster line of batteries, open-cell lead-acid monobloc batteries in 6 and 12 V formats and capacities of  between 75 and 370 AH C20.

Deka’s only distributor in Spain for the renewable energies sector is  Bornay, and for the nautical sector Barceló Martí, both sectors being of the highest importance for Deka.