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What can renewable energies do for you?

We introduce you to our new tool for calculating installations. With B-planner you will be able to dimension the installation that you need in your home, your vacation place or your company and learn all the details of the installation most profitable for you.

Take just a few minutes to fill in your specific data on our application and you will have the type of installation necessary.

EASY, FAST and CONVENIENT. Shall we begin?

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Fast and Easy

By simply entering a few details with a few clicks, you will have the solution that you require.

You do not need any specific technical knowledge; if you don’t know something, simply leave it as it appears and go on to the next step. The device comes with all the parameters predefined so that you do not have to make changes in aspects you are not familiar with.


Estimate for your installation.

Together wth the report you will receive the project for the installation you require.

If you wish our Commercial Department to review it and propose an installer and the corresponding estimate, the Department will contact you.

See this example.

Click here and you can download an example report like the report you will obtain after use this application