Small Wind Turbines


Vaavud Mjolnir y Sleipnir, are small wind meters that accurately captures wind speed and wind direction easy and simple.


The Vaavud Mjolnir is designed to capture wind speed using two rotating cups along with internal magnets to seamlessly communicate with your device. Its unique design makes it pocket friendly and super rugged.


The Vaavud Sleipnir is designed to capture wind speed and direction using two curved blades. Meanwhile, The internal optic sensor records 44,100 measurements per second allowing for extreme accuracy.

Both wind meters are supplied with a neoprene protective bag included.

  Mjolnir Sleipnir
Wind Speed 2 - 20 m/s 2 - 40 m/s
Precision 4 % 4 %
Wind Direction No Yes
Precision - 4 %
Orientation Omnidirectional Omnidirectional
Sensor Magnetic Electronic
Strong Supper Rugged Rugged
Dimmensions 20 x 112 x 59 mm 22 x 45 x 83 mm
Weight 17 grs. 14 grs.
Available colors Red and Green Red and Gray


Vaavud APP is available for IOS and Android, you can check compatibility of your Smartphone or tablet at the next compatibility list.

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