Mission and Vision

Bornay’s primary Mission is to take energy to where there is none by means of mini-eolic wind turbines and photovoltaic solar energy.

The organization’s Vision is regarded as a reference point in the sector of renewable energies in Spain, and, at an international level, en the countries where we are established.

Mission and Vision are the compass of our company, a compass which, at the same time, defines its values.

Bornay’s values define our corporate style and they are shared by all the members of the organization, both internal and external, extending to the entire Bornay  world.


Corporate Values

Our planet and our clients are our purpose in life.


And our values are in accordance with both concerns.


Our principal values are corporate values that become social.


They are initiated within our organization and spread beyond it in the following  way:


Humility Professional Ethics
Collaboration Social Commitment
Personal and Professional


We are an example...

We like to be coherent.


And if we dream of a sustainable world, we also contribute our grain of sand to making it a reality.


As a company that is consistent and responsible, we perform our  daily tasks in a 1500 m2 bioclimatic building that stands on a 6000 m2 lot. It is oriented to the south, and the combination of mini-eolic and photovoltaic energies provide self-generated energy as well as an optimal use of natural resources.


Our installations allow the products we manufacture to be made using 100% renewable energies, something that is completely in line with our philosophy and our values.

Bornay, Renewable energy


Service. Sustainability. Quality.

Service, sustainability and quality are related values, because this is our way of treating our clients.


Our service is perceived as satisfactory by all our clients.


Sustainability is our way of life, which originates in the products that we manufacture and distribute and culminates in  the self-consumption installations of the final clients.


And our quality is recognized by the certifications and prizes obtained over the years.


Our Certifications and Awards...


ISO 9001:2008

Chamber of Commerce Prize for innovation.
Nova Environment Prize awarded by the Generalitat of Valencia. Nominationes to the Prince Philip Prize for renewable energies and energy efficiency.
Sun and Peace Prize awarded by the Terra Foundation.  Prince Philip Prize for Corporate Competitiveness: small and medium companies. 
People. Flexibility.

Quality is the value that is linked both to people and to flexibility at Bornay.


Because the quality of our products would not be possible without the work of a completely implicated, highly committed professional team that helps to consolidate the robustness of the equipment we manufacture. 


People are the center of our organization.


We discover their talent, promote their development and, thereby, foster a very pleasant working climate, in a daily activity that can be hard, though it is never an effort, but rather a source of solution for the daily challenges that promote creativity and contentment in our teams.


In order to achieve this working atmosphere, we develop policies that include flexibility.


A flexibility that is necessary so that each collaborator can attend to his personal priorities without thereby neglecting to attend to his professional responsibilities and the objectives of his work.

Contact with us...

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