Social Compromise

Bornay’s commitment is based on a corporate social responsibility that commences in the heart of our company, with its own collaborators, extends to its own town, Castalla, and reaches international projects in which it provides basic and necessary energy to disadvantaged areas of the planet. Always innovating. Always collaborating.

Bornay Social Compromise


Bornay, a socially responsible company...


Bornay Social Compromise in Tanzania




Social Responsability has always been present in the soul of the founder, Juan Bornay, who is aware of wanting to return to society part of what society has provided him in his lifetime.


The planet and people are basic concepts in the company; from the internal collaborators of the firm to the group of  suppliers and clients, they all form part of a great family, of a different world: the Bornay world.


Bornay attributes its main value to the collaborators of the organization itself and has become a company in which the working climate is excellent: we work contentedly, which causes the level of efficiency of the teams to be very high, which is true of the profitability of the firm as well, something very valuable in today’s society.


Money is also important in the development of a business. The fact that a company like Bornay is profitable is not the result of chance, but the result of the effort made to situate in its proper place each of the components of its structure.


Beyond the gates of the company Bornay has a commitment to its immediate surroundings, Castalla, in the province of Alicante. And in this place, which saw the  birth not only of the firm but also of the family, it supports various initiatives.

Bornay Social Compromise with employees


Bornay and people support...



Bornay Castalla Basketball Team



One of the town’s basketball clubs bears the name of Bornay because the company sponsors it.


This support permits the development both of the town’s sports activities and of the members of the team, who grow and develop as persons.





Apart from this, Bornay is a strong presence in the artistic facet of the town sand adds its grain of sand, as well, to the promotion of  new artists, being an active participant in the “Castalla annual rapid painting contest”. According to the president of the company, Juan Bornay, it is very important for him to awaken the motivations of the youngest and to be able to contribute to their development.


Bornay Social Compromise, Fast paint competition


Bornay Social Compromise with Despertar AssociationWhere Bornay’s collaboration has most firmly taken the form  of a commitment is in the association Awakening of Castalla, an association created for handicapped persons. 


Because of the present crisis, the money from a subsidy to put it into service was late  in coming.


Bornay advanced this money so that the association could begin to operate, and up to the present the project has been bearing fruit, thanks to Bornay’s cooperation.


The Awakening Association project serves, furthermore, to promote the collaboration  of  other businesses in the area and of official organisms through events like the “Tree festival”, where the youngsters prove that collaboration is  worthwhile. 

These projects and  others that we will be undertaking make Bornay a company committed, in the first place, to its own collaborators, who enjoy their daily activity in the firm; secondly, to its local area and to making it a better place where everyone can grow and develop as  persons and as professionals; and thirdly, on an international level, by support and collaboration in completely disadvantaged areas like Tanzania, the Congo or certain communities of Venezuela. 

Bornay not only makes the environment more sustainable by constructing small wind turbines; it also makes surroundings more sustainable by means of its constant support of its collaborators, its local surroundings and of disadvantaged areas where collaborating has become a reality.

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