MPPT Solar Charge Controller
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Solar Mate is a solar charge controller with built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, which enables it to increase its PV output by as much as 30% compared with non-MPPT designs.

Solar Mate can optimize the PV's output and eliminate the fluctuation due to shading or temperatures variables. It is a multi-voltage MPPT with built-in sophisticated battery charging algorithm for both lead acid battery or lithium-ion battery, suitable for various system designs. Meantime, it supports data manage ment of 365-day history records, which can tell users the system's actual performance.

Main Specifications

  • High dynamic MPPT efficiency more than 99.9%
  • High efficiency up to 98%, and European weighted efficiency u to 97.3%
  • Up to 7056W of charging power at 40°C
  • Excellent performance at sunrise and low solar insulation levels
  • Wide MPT operating voltage range
  • Parallel function, up to 6 units can be operated in parallel
  • Built-in TBB premium Il battery charging algorithm for lead acid battery
  • Support 365days Data logging
  • Communication: Auxiliary contact, R$485 support\T-bus


    SP150-60 SP250-100
Nominal battery voltage   24 or 48 V 48 V
Maximum charging current   60 Amp 100 Amp
Maximum charging power 24 V 1764 W ND
48 V 3528 W 5880 W
Maximum PV input power 24 V 2250 W ND
48 V 4500 W 7500 W
PV Open circuit voltage   150 V 250 V
MPPT Voltage range   65 - 145 Vdc 65 - 245 Vdc
Max PV Shortcircuit current   40 A 80 A
Maximum efficiency   98 % @48Vdc
Max MPPT efficiency  


Self-consumption   37 mA @ 48V
Absroption charge voltage   28,8 / 57,6 V 57,6 V
Float charge voltage   27 / 54 V 54 V
Charge algorithm   TBB II Multistage
Equalization charging   Programmable
Display   Led + LCD
Communication port   RS485
Dry contact   30V / 2A
remote on / off   Yes, (2 pole connector)
Data logging  

365 day of history record, daily, monthly and total production; Real time figure including solar array

voltaage, battery voltage, charging current, charging power, Record the daily PV start charging time

absorb to floating transfer time, PV power loss time and etc.; Real time fault time and information

Storage Temperature   -40 to 70 ºC
Operative temperature   -25 to 60 ºC
Humidity   5 - 95 %, without condensation
Altitude   3000 mts.
Full rated output up to 2000 mts
Max wire sizes   35 mm2
Protection grade   IP21
Dimmensions   353 x 293 x 117 mm 353 x 293 x 117 mm
Weight   6,8 Kgr 7,8 Kgr
Cooling   Natural Forced fan

EN61000-6-1,EN61000-6-3; EN62109-1


Reguladores MPPT TBB SolarMate

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