ES 100 is a modular LiFePo4 battery, with a rack format, with a nominal voltage of 48V and with a capacity of 105 Ah, 5040 Wh designed to work more than 6000 cycles with a 90% DoD.
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ES100 LiFePo4 is the latest 48V 105Ah lithium battery module provided by TBB POWER, designed for backup power system, solar off-grid system, and residential, industrial & commercial energy storage systems, with good compatibility, high energy density, fashionable design and safe long cycling life.

  • Safe lithium iron phosphate battery cell with high energy density, compact design
  • Support up to 32 modules in parallel
  • Support short-time high-current charge and discharge
  • Advanced high capacity, 90% DOD and 6000 cycles life
  • Support external CAN communication, compatible with leading inverter brands
  • Universal positive and negative terminals, convenient for users to install
  • Coming standard with 300A parallel bus bar
  • Available with simple mounting brackets and RACK cabinet 
  • Equipped with intelligent BMS for each battery pack to manage modules effectively
  • Practical pull ear design improves operation convenience

Catálogo ES100 V1.1

Brochure ESS100 V1.1

ES100 User Manual V1.1

List of compatible inverter Brands V3.0

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