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Bornay, between tradition and modernity...

Bornay Small Wind Turbines, Mechanicals

With more than 40 years in the market and in its own particular sector, Bornay preserves tradition in manufacturing its most valuable asset, its small wind turbines, with the craftsmanlike care that it deserves.


The entire manufacturing process of the small wind turbines is performed manually in a plant that, nevertheless, is equipped with the latest technologies as regards machinery.


In order to obtain the standard of quality offered by Bornay, every machine undergoes an exhaustive control of quality, unit by unit. In this way both our customers and the  final consumer are assured of the high quality and long durability of the machine.


The production plant has the machinery required to manufacture and assemble all the parts of which the wind turbine is composed, and combines this technology with the necessary manual processes to obtain the final product: small wind turbines with powers of between 600 and 6000 W.


The Bornay offices have all the elements necessary to maintain an excellent relation with  our clients.


Diaphanous offices with large windows that not only permit natural light to enter, providing our collaborators greater comfort while they work, but that also reflect what Bornay is, a firm with the values of transparency and confidence so necessary in the present-day business world.  


At Bornay we work with essential technological tools both to provide adequate  attention to the client and to ensure professional efficiency.


Furthermore, we are completely coherent with respect to the products we manufacture and distribute. For this reason, our offices are energetically self-sufficient.


All these are the reasons that have brought us here and that have provided us with faithful clients throughout the years of our professional activity.


Bornay Small Wind Turbines, Administration


Bornay and the support to our customers...

Bornay Small Wind Turbines, Trainings.

At Bornay we are aware of the fact that our clients are our greatest asset, and for this reason, in our offices we are always close to them in order to offer them support in any matter they might need.


Furthermore, we organize annual activities for them, with a triple objective.


First of all, we open a space for learning and for resolving the problems that come up in the day to day-to-day performance of the installations that operate with renewable energies.


Secondly, in line with our policy of transparency, these spaces allow our clients to  meet each  other, thus promoting professional collaboration among  them.


And finally, we bring them into contact with the technical personnel of our suppliers so that they can consult them directly about their doubts and concerns.


The internationalization of Bornay...

A large part of Bornay’s present plans centers on the internationalization of our products.


For years we have participated in the sector’s most important fairs, on both a national and an international level.


At the present time our products are present in more than 60 countries throughout the world.


For these reasons we consider that we are prepared to make a quantitative and qualitative leap that would place our name and our products in different countries of  the  world  in a planned and organized manner.


We have also  initiated a plan  for internationalization which will gradually produce its fruit over the next few years.


We are very enthusiastic about this enterprise.

Bornay Small Wind Turbines, Exhibitions



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