Bornay Technical Service - RMA Request

Technical Support

Asistencia Técnica BornayBornay technical service is at your disposal to provide you with technical support, after-sales service and incident resolutions in the easiest, fastest and most effective way possible.

Bornay technical support provides these services on any of the products manufactured and/or supplied by us, mainly from the brands:

· Bornay
· Victron Energy
· Steca
· TBB Power
· Solar Edge
· Salicru
· BAE Batterien
· Pylontech
· Me energy

For any kind of technical support, you can contact us through:

Phone  965 560 025

For a remote configuration of your equipment, you must contact our technicians and request the remote connection through the TeamViewer icon in the header or through the following link

To repair any damaged equipment, you must request an RMA number by completing and submitting the following questionaire.

Once reviewed by our technicians, they will be assigned the RMA number with instructions for shipping the equipment, which will be communicated to you via email.


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So that we can validate the guarantee it is essential that you fill in the following information

Fault data  |  (+34) 965 560 025  |  Skype


Terms, Bornay SAT

Bornay provides technical assistance to the products manufactured and/or supplied by our company, to do so it must take into account:

Remote Assistance.

Remote assistance is carried out by our technicians, and entails: helping the installer with the development of an installation, equipment configuration, start-up or resolution of incidents.

Remote assistance is carried out by prior appointment through your salesperson, who will assign the day and time, as well as the technician who will provide the assistance. To request an appointment, the serial number of the equipment for which assistance is requested is essential, as well as identifying that the equipment has been supplied by Bornay.

Remote assistance is carried out through telephone communication and remote connection to the installer's computer, through the necessary software (TeamViewer or Anydesk), so it will be necessary to have the necessary equipment (telephone coverage, computer, internet connection and cables necessary in each case).

Technical assistance is only provided exclusively with installers and qualified technical personnel.

For remote assistance, the opening hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday and from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Fridays.

If you do not contact our technical service at the assigned time, assistance cannot be guaranteed and otherwise a new appointment will have to be assigned.


As indicated, to carry out remote assistance, it is essential to have:

· Functional telephone line
· Quality internet connection
· Computer
· Cables and accessories corresponding to the equipment for which assistance is requested.


Remote technical assistance is a help service for the installer, but this does not entail any transfer of responsibility from the installer to Bornay.

Bornay is not responsible for the correct functioning of the installation, both with regard to the installation of the equipment itself, as well as the functionality of the system or possible deficiencies or damage that may occur in the installation after remote assistance.

Although Bornay provides the help service to the installer, Bornay does not acquire any responsibility for it, since many factors intervene for the correct operation of the installation, such as: its design, dimensioning, materials used, or even the configuration. , which can be modified at any time by the installer or the installation user.


Terms, Bornay RMA

· To send any equipment to be repaired by our technical service, it is essential to have an RMA number.

· The equipment must be sent properly packaged and, in the case of equipment weighing more than 25 kg, sent on a pallet that allows it to be handled correctly.

· Equipment that is not received properly labeled and identified with the RMA number on the shipping label will not be accepted.

· If the equipment is under warranty, the equipment purchase document must be provided, showing the equipment and its serial number.

· Any equipment that is not properly labeled, the corresponding identification label has been removed or the serial number is not available, will be excluded from any warranty claim.

· The equipment will be sent shipment paid. The guarantees do not cover shipping in any case.

· The average repair times for equipment is 15 days.

· Upon receipt of the equipment, the technical department will review it, and any of the following situations may occur:

a) The equipment works correctly, in which case the client must assume the cost of checking the equipment. The cost will range between €30 and €185 depending on the equipment. This service cannot be considered a warranty service.

b) The equipment is irreparable, but a replacement unit is offered at a special / new price, indicated in each case. The client may:

1. Accept the quote for the replacement/new unit
2. Choose to request the return of the equipment, with a management cost of between €30 and €185 depending on the equipment.
3. The destruction of the equipment without charge.

c) The equipment is repairable and an estimate is attached. The client will be able to:

1. Accept the repair estimate
2. Choose to request the return of the equipment, with a management cost of between €30 and €185 depending on the equipment.
3. The destruction of the equipment without charge.

· Once the client is informed about the situation of the equipment, the client will have a period of 1 month from the date of communication to accept and formalize any of the proposed solutions, otherwise, the equipment will be destroyed free of charge for the client and without new notice, having no option to make a new claim once the corresponding period has elapsed.

· Repairs will have a warranty period of six (6) months. New or replacement equipment will be covered by the corresponding guarantee of the new equipment or that indicated at the time for replacement equipment.