28 / 07 / 15

About twenty years ago  the wind-energy companies of  our country saw that  it was necessary for Spain to have a source of  energy that was clean, autochthonous and cheap. Wind energy covers more than 20% of Spain’s electrical consumption, the  equivalent of the electricity needed by 18 million  homes. Thanks to the wind, our country’s firms found the opportunity to export Spanish technology to the whole world, thus creating its own “Spanish Brand”.

Today, Spanish companies own 10.5% of all the  wind-energy generators installed on the planet, which means 40,000 MW, and have manufactured 12% of the world’s wind turbines and wind components. Furthermore, they have contributed to the care  of the environment, seeing that, thanks to Spanish technology, last year the emission into the atmosphere of  71.5 million tons  of  CO2 was avoided.

Taking advantage of wind energy in Spain is one of the great achievements of the 21st century, considering that we have managed to promote this kind of technology in a time of need, thus obtaining  great results. An example of this is the fact that Spanish wind-power companies employ  some 90.000 people worldwide.

Few companies in the world  have been able to create a source of energy of these characteristics, developing its own technology as well  as an industry, employment, research centers and great qualified professionals. All this has meant that wind has gone  from being  a meteorological phenomenon to constituting an energetic reality of the “Spanish Brand”.