22 / 11 / 14

Bornay Aerogeneradores was invited to the ninth Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility organized by the Instituto de Empresa  of Madrid.

One of the goals of the Instituto de Empresa is to foster the undertaking of businesses that have a positive impact on society. For this purpose they organize different activities with experts who can contribute their  experience and knowledge to the implementation of these entrepreneurial actions.

The main theme of this ninth Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility was the implantation of businesses in emerging countries. Bornay Aerogeneradores  is a company that was able to contribute a great deal to this event, not only because of the positive impact that the firm’s activity contributes to the sustainability of the planet (renewable energies and manufacture of small wind devices), but also because of its perfectly defined policies of Corporate Social Responsibility that begin in the very heart of our firm with our internal and external collaborators.

Bornay Aerogeneradores participated as part of a panel of experts entitled ‘Doing business in emerging countries.’ Attending in representation  of  the firm were Juan de Dios Bornay (CEO), who spoke about the positive impact of our installations in developing countries that have great difficulty in obtaining energy, and Carolina Hernández (Interim Manager of Communication), who explained the company’s social  responsibility policies and the three levels on which we work day by day. 

  • A first level which includes our workers, collaborators, clients and suppliers. 
  • A second level from which we collaborate with our local environment. 
  • And a third level, in the international sphere.

The  talk was very well accepted by those who attended the panel proceedings, especially considering  that we were the only PYME that had been invited.

We were especially interested in the fact that at the event, which lasted two days, there was a number of important consulting firms and large companies, exceptional organizations for dealing with the conceptual and strategic levels of the social responsibility programs, but organizations with little actual field experience.

The interest aroused by our talk  was exactly this:: it was an attempt to raise the awareness of the fact that the small businesses are much more effective when it comes to obtaining results in matters of Corporate Social Responsibility than the large companies. These companies, in many cases, continue their social work in order to improve the reputation  that they lose with other  types  of actions less respectful of the people and the environment.

At Bornay Aerogeneradores we are especially  proud of the fact that our whole business, beginning with production and not only through  our policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, focuses on making a positive  impact on society and on contributing to the sustainability of the planet insofar as the environment and the people are concerned.

It only remains  for  us to thank the Instituto de Empresa for inviting us to the event, which was an excellent meeting point for individuals and organizations  engaged in improving the sustainability of our planet.