A mixed wind/solar photovoltaic installation in France to supply the domestic consumption of a single-family home.

Small Wnd Turbine Bornay 6000 installed in France

Installed Equipment


Wind Turbine:

Bornay 6000 48 voltios


Tubular atirantada

Eolic Regulator:


Solar panels:

12 x 300 W


Fija sobre suelo

Solar panels:

Outback FM60


Estacionaria OPzS


Victron Phoenix Multiplus

Other Elements:



An installation consisting of a mixed wind/solar system with a Bornay 6000 wind turbine, battery charge at 48 volts, and twelve 300 Wp photovoltaic solar panels.


The wind turbine, with a three-phase AC output, is connected to a regulator specific to Bornay wind turbines, while the photovoltaic solar panels are connected to an Outback FM60 MPPT photovoltaic solar regulator, which, because of its technology that tracks the point of maximum efficiency, can furnish as much as 20% more power from the solar panels than a conventional regulator.

The system is connected to stationary battery bank composed of 24 OPzS elements, with a nominal voltage of 48 volts.

The battery bank is connected to a Victron Energy Phoenix Multiplus inverter/charger that transforms the 48 volts available in the battery bank into 220v alternating current to supply the various consumptions of the home.

The inverter has a nominal power of 5 kVA and can supply up to 10 kW of peak power.