A wind installation for rural electrification in Chile consisting of a Bornay 1500 wind turbine with a nominal power of 1500 Wp.

Bornay 1500 Small Wind Turbine 

Installed Equipment


Wind Turbine:

Bornay 1500 24 Vdc


Tubular atirantada

Eolic Regulator:


Solar panels:




Solar Regulator:



Trojan monobloc 6V


Victron Phoenix Multiplus

Other elements:



This installation in Chile consists of a Bornay 1500 wind turbine with a nominal power of 1500 Wp at 24 Vdc, connected to a Bornay regulator.

The system is connected to a TROJAN battery bank composed of 16 monoblock batteries with a nominal voltage of 6 volts each and a storage capacity of 300 Ah C100. The battery bank is connected at 24 volts and has a total capacity of 1200 Ah C100.

The inverter has a nominal power of 2 kVA and can provide up to 4 kW of peak power.

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