Telecommunications Into the Azores

A hybrid wind/solar installation to supply energy for a telecommunications link between the Azores Islands and Portugal.

Bornay Small Wind Turbine for Telecom at Azores 

Installed Equipment

Wind Turbine:

Bornay 1500



Eolic Regulator:


Solar Panels:

16 x 150 W


Fija sobre suelo

Solar Regulator:






Other elements:



An installation consisting of a mixed wind/solar system consisting of a Bornay 1500 wind turbine with battery charge at 24 volts, and sixteen 150 Wp photovoltaic solar panels.

The wind turbine with three-phase AC output, is connected to a regulator specific to Bornay wind turbines, while the photovoltaic solar panels are connected to a photovoltaic solar regulator.

The system is connected to a battery bank, about which no information was provided by the installer.

The battery bank feeds the power supply for the telecommunications link between the Azores Islands and Portugal.

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