High power plug & play modular system for applications from 13 to 81 kWh.
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The E/Bick Ultra175 is Cegasa's answer to installers looking for a pre-installed and self-manageable “plug and play” battery.

It's ideal for replacing lead-acid batteries in existing installations, as well as for new self-consumption and off-grid installations with requirements from 13 kWh to 80 kWh.


Designed to be plug & play both mechanically and electrically, thanks to its self-supporting, quick-assembly structure that significantly reduces installation times and complexity, minimising installation costs


The E/Bick Ultra175 has a modular system of 13.4 kWh per module up to 80 kWh.


The E/Bick Ultra175 is expandable up to four modules simultaneously.


The E/Bick Ultra175 offers the option of integrated wheels for easy movement.


Compatible for communications with Victron Energy, SMA Sunny Island and Studer inverters


Eliminates 100% of maintenance costs, as no care or intervention is required throughout the life of the product.


The exclusive LFP (LiFePO4) technology that CEGASA incorporates in its Lithium-Ion batteries guarantees the highest number of cycles on the market, reaching a useful life of up to 15 years in intensive work conditions and 25 years in normal conditions.

Developed and manufactured exclusively in Europe.

  Ebick Ultra175
General Specs
Electrochemical Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
Cell type Prysmati
Electrical specifications
Module nominal voltage 48 Vdc
Voltage range 43 - 52,2 Vdc
Nominal capacity 280 Ah
Nominal current at continuous charge 140 Amp
Maximum current at charge / discharge 175 Amp
Nominal current at continuous discharge 140 Amp
Discharge peak current (5 min) 225 Amp (10 kW)
Discharge peak current (5 sec) 270 Amp (12 kW)
Discharge peak current (1 sec) 400 Amp
Energetic specifications
Life cycles (80% DoD) > 5000 cycles
Nominal Energy 13,5 kWh
Physical and protection specifications
Dimmensions (Width x depth x height) 762 x 405 x 600 mm
Weight 105 Kgr.
Protection degree IP30
Operating temperature
Recommended working temperature 15 to 30 ºC
Discharge temperature range -20 to 55 ºC
Charge temperature range 0 to 45 ºC
Electrical connections
Power REMA SR 350 Gray connector
Communications RJ45 Cat 5e (Paralel cable)
Communication type CAN Bus
BMS (Protections and control)
Overcharge Yes
Overdischarge Yes
Shortcircuit Yes
Overcurrent Yes
Overtemperature Yes
Passive Balancing
CE Mark IEC 62619
Transport  UN Test and Criteria, 38.3


Possible combinations

  1 module 2 modules 3 modules 4 modules 5 modules 6 modules
Electrical specifications
Nominal voltage 48 Vdc
Voltage range 43 - 52,2 Vdc
Nominal capacity (Ah) 280 560 840 1120 1400 1680
Nominal energy 13,5 kWh 27 kWh 40,5 kWh 54 kWh 67,5 kWh 81 kWh
Continuous nominal charge current 140 Amp 280 Amp 400 Amp 475 Amp 525 Amp
Maximum charge / discharge current 175 Amp 320 Amp 450 Amp 500 Amp 575 Amp
Discharge peak current (5 min) 225 Amp 450 Amp 600 Amp 800 Amp 850 Amp
Discharge peak current (5 sec) 270 Amp 540 Amp 750 Amp 875 Amp 950 Amp
Discharge peak current (1 sec) 400 Amp 800 Amp 1000 Amp 1000 Amp 1200 Amp


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eBick Ultra 175 Eng

eBick 280pro esp

eBick 280pro eng

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