Modular high-energy density plug & play system for applications from 80 kWh to 4 MWh.
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The E/Bick 280Pro is the most versatile Lithium-LFP solution for energy storage. The ideal system for commercial and industrial on-grid and off-grid applications from 80 kWh up to 4 MWh.


Designed to be plug & play both mechanically and electrically, thanks to its self-supporting, quick-assembly structure that significantly reduces installation times and complexity, minimising installation costs.


A modular, scalable solution that adapts to your needs and can be easily installed in less than an hour, and increase your system according with your needs.


If your consumption increase, E/Bick 280Pro increase with you. More modules can be added to increase your power capacity.


Need half of space than other lithium solutions and up to 10 times less space that Lead Acid batteries.


Eliminates 100% of maintenance costs, as no care or intervention is required throughout the life of the product.


The exclusive LFP (LiFePO4) technology that CEGASA incorporates in its Lithium-Ion batteries guarantees the highest number of cycles on the market, reaching a useful life of up to 15 years in intensive work conditions and 25 years in normal conditions.

Developed and manufactured exclusively in Europe.

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eBick 280pro esp

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