Victron Energy Battery Chargers



Less maintenance and aging when the battery is not in use: the Storage Mode

The storage mode kicks in whenever the battery has not been subjected to discharge during 24 hours. In the storage mode float voltage is reduced to 13,2 V/ to minimize gassing and corrosion of the positive plates. Once a week the voltage is raised back to the absorption level to ‘equalize’ the battery. This feature prevents stratification of the electrolyte and sulphation, a major cause of early battery failure.

Protected against overheating and reverse polarity connection
The output current will reduce as temperature increases up to 40°C, but the charger will not fail.
Output relay protects against reverse polarity connection.

Five LED’s for status and mode indication

Application: Flooded, AGM or GEL batteries.

  Automotive 6V / 12V - 1,1 Amp Automotive 12 V - 4 Amp
Electrical specifications
Input Voltage Range

200 – 265 V

200 – 265 V

50 / 60 Hz

50 / 60 Hz
Charge voltage "absorption"

7,2 or 14,4 Vdc

14,4 or 14,7 Vdc
Charge voltage "float"


13,6 Vcc
Charge voltage "storage"


13,2 Vcc
Charge current

1,1 A

4 A or 8 A
Can be used as power supply


Back current drain

3 Ah/mont (4 mA)

0,25 Ah/month (0,3 mA)
Protection Reverse poarity, Temperature
Operating temperature range

-20 to +40 ºC


Max. 95% non-condensating

General specifications

Battery connection

Black and red cable of 1,5 meter with battery clamps

230 Vac connection

Cable of 1,5 mts with CEE plug

Portection category

IP 65

IP 65

0,56 Kgr

0,56 Kgr

42 x 61 x 185 mm

42 x 61 x 185 mm



EN60335-1, EN60335-2-29


EN55014-1, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-3-2


EN55014-2, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-3-3

Catálogo General 2020

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