01 / 07 / 15

The company once again  celebrated its traditional ‘Saint Bornay’, a day of companionship  among the employees  which is meant to promote relations among departments and create stronger ties. Thirty  people got together last Friday to enjoy a day of fun full of surprises in which the  sea and nautical sports were the protagonists.

Furthermore, Bornay sponsors this activity annually, within the policy of internal Corporate Social Responsibility established by the company to increase cohesion among the various teams and to thank the employees for their work. ‘Saint Bornay 2015’ was held in Alicante. The affair  began with a breakfast with a view of the  sea, to go  on to a group activity in which three participating teams had to construct a boat with a series of materials and a set of specifications, a task that promoted  the  personal creativity and skill of the components of each team and  that resulted in three very different  boats.

Once the work was finished, the moment came to see whether the boats floated and could navigate. To do this, they were tied to boats of the Real Club de Regatas of Alicante, aboard which the Bornay teams learned rowing techniques and had fun competing with the other teams. To recover from the physical effort, the collaborators and directors of Bornay lunched at  a  restaurant in the city’s port.

The afternoon passed in sailing around Alicante Bay, dropping anchor to swim in the open sea, and culminated watching the fireworks celebrating the Hogueras de San Juan. It was a very maritime day of companionship, partly made possible by  the  launching of the new line of distribution of  Deka batteries for the nautical sector by way of Bornay Comercial.

“A good working atmosphere is the key for a company to  function well; for Bornay, the employees  come first and for this reason we want them to feel comfortable in their work place, to enjoy  good  relations  with their workmates and to know how important they for those responsible for the company. This is why we celebrate this special day every  year, a  day on which  we put aside the  daily obligations in order to know each other better, enjoy ourselves and work in teams, and have fun doing it. A different day, which this year, when we have begun  our commercial venture in the nautical world, had the sea as its protagonist,” commented Juan de Dios Bornay, General Director of Bornay.

Bornay  is aware of the internal talent that  exists  in the company, and joint activities of this type help to strengthen this talent as well as to increase the motivation of our collaborators and their level of implication in the project.