31 / 07 / 19

The company wants to bring its latest WIND+ range of small wind turbines to the whole country. With that objective in mind, Bornay manages the American market through its office in Miami, Florida. The manufacture of all its products is 100 percent Spanish.

Bornay always works with partners who distribute and install its equipment in the different regions they are present. The company’s network of partners keeps growing every year. Bornay expects to develop this network, not only by adding new partners but also strengthening relationships with the current ones. 

Last year, Bornay managed to get its WIND+ wind turbines to more states in the US and Canada, working with new partners in Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, Quebec and Ontario. The objective of the company is to have at least one partner-distributor in all the states with good wind resource. 

This will be easier in July when Bornay’s new solution for grid-tied systems comes to light. Bornay will then have its complete product offer available for their clients: 1.5 kW, 3 kW, and 5 kW wind turbines for off-grid and grid-tied systems, in addition to other applications and integrations, like direct water pumping or energy solutions for telecommunications. 

The new equipment will allow more continuous control of the machine. The remote electronic monitoring systems that can be incorporated into the controller, makes it possible to visualize the activity of the wind turbine at all times, from anywhere. The new version also allows to brake the turbine in adverse weather conditions and decrease automatically the turning speed when additional energy is not needed, This entails an improvement of the performance of the wind turbine in different climatic circumstances and an extension of the durability of the equipment.

If Bornay meets its objectives, it will be able to supply clean energy to homes and businesses throughout the territory. It will help replace fossil fuels with renewables and bring energy where there is none, in a sustainable way. The success of the company always goes hand in hand with a more sustainable form of life for the communities where it works.