04 / 05 / 15

Bornay Aerogeneradores has opened a new commercial division under the name of Bornay Comercial, a new line of business that will distribute batteries for the nautical, industrial, recreational and mobile sectors.

The new commercial  division implies the diversification of the business, broadening the offer of energy solutions beyond renewable energies, thus covering a new niche of the  market.

“We began diversifying the business some time ago, as we are distributers of batteries like Deka, for which we are the exclusive distributers in this country. In view of the good results and thanks to the commercial agreement with the company, we have decided to expand to other sectors and in this way be able to offer energy solutions apart from renewable energies, in accordance with our quality standards and the best assessments,” commented Juan de Dios Bornay,  General Director  of Bornay.  

The energy solutions that Bornay Comercial offers are meant mainly for the nautical sector, with starter batteries, inverters, chargers and service batteries for large boats, and for the industrial sector, for which we will distribute batteries for pallet trucks, sweepers or electric vehicles, starter batteries, monitors, chargers, inverters,  etc. Also commercialized  will be products for conveyances such as batteries for motorized wheelchairs, golf carts or electric vehicles as well as batteries and battery chargers for gardening machinery, starters for motorcycles or products for  the motorhome sector. Besides place Deka Batteries, the company works with firms of recognized prestige and quality such as Victron, Xantrex (Schneider Electrics) or BAE.

Bornay Comercial is the only company in our country that distributes Deka batteries, manufactured by the American firm East Penn Manufacturing and characterized by their quality and durability. These batteries are made by one of the largest plant groups in the industry, which has the most advanced equipment in the world. Its quality is certified by the ISO l9001 and ISO/TS 16949. Deka batteries use internal components made with  the best materials. The final materials are assembled in the battery to  obtain maximum durability.

Bornay Comercial has launched a web with complete information on its products and brands distributed.