29 / 12 / 16

It has just been installed in Chile, in the first automatic station to control the maritime traffic of South America, in the Beagle Channel, a Bornay wind turbine of the new Wind+ range.

In our interest, both to cross our borders and to be useful in places where safety, durability and efficiency of the wind turbines are necessary, we have installed a new wind turbine of the new Wind+ range, for the Chilean Navy on the Beagle Channel.

This station is located in one of the routes with more traffic level of boats to world-wide, in the Beagle Channel. The station aims to control the maritime traffic of the commercial route with detection and automatic communications systems.

The computerized station, equipped with, among other infrastructures, a fully automatic dome structure, has the resources provided by the wind turbine like a Wind+ wind turbine of Bornay and can operate for six months without the need for intervention naval personnel.

We are very proud to be able to provide this type of services to the other side of the planet. A new #BornayExperience that allows us to remain positioned, both nationally and internationally, at the forefront of providing energy in places where conventional energy does not arrive.

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