A photovoltaic installation with battery storage, inverter/charger and emergency power generator, created to provide a power supply for a Cortijo in the province of Cádiz.


Solar Photovoltaic installation

Installed Equipment


Wind Turbine:




Eolic Regulator:


Solar Panel:

18 x Axitec 250 Wp


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Solar Regulator:

Victron Blue Solar MPPT 150 / 85


BAE 8 PVS 1200 - 48 v 1160 Ah C100


Victron Quattro 48/10000/140

Other elements:

Color control, Grupo electrógeno 25 kVa



The installation is composed of 18 Axitec photovoltaic 250 Wp solar panels connected to two Victron MPPT 150/85 BlueSolar panel regulators, which, because of their technology that tracks the point of maximum efficiency, can furnish as much as 20% more power from the solar panels than a conventional regulator.

The system is connected to a BAE stationary battery bank composed of twelve 8 PVS 1200 elements, with a nominal voltage of 48 volts and a storage capacity of 1160 Ah C100.

The battery bank is connected to a Victron Energy Quattro inverter/charger that transforms the 48 volts available in the battery bank into 220v alternating current to supply the various consumptions of the Cortijo.

The inverter has a nominal power of 10 kVA and can provide up to 20 kW of peak power.

The system is completed by a Victron Energy Color Control monitoring system, which can register and display information on the state of the installation, both from the system itself and remotely if there is an internet connection.

This installation has a 25 kVA generator for consumption peaks above the installation’s nominal capacity, or in cases of emergency when the power supply from the sources of renewable energy is insuficient.