A 6 kW mini wind installation with connection to the grid, installed in a single-family home in Sweden.

Bornay 6000 Grid connected in Sweeden 

Installed Equipment


Wind Turbine:

Bornay 6000


Tubular atirantada

Eolic Regulator:

Inversor de Conexión a Red

Solar Panels:




Solar Regulator:






Other elements:



A Bornay 6000 grid-connected wind turbine is all that constitutes this installation in a single-family home in Sweden.

The grid-connected wind turbine is connected to an Aurora inverter with a nominal power of 6 kW, feeding the energy generated into the interior network of the home (auto-consumption), all or part of the energy generated being consumed.

If, however, the production should be greater than the demand, the excess energy is fed into the electric grid and is remunerated. But if the wind turbine is not able to generate the power necessary to cover the consumptions of the home, the system draws the rest from the electric grid up to 100%.

The wind turbine can produce practically all of the energy necessary for this home.

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