Discover Battery is a world leader in designing and manufacturing transportation, motive power and advanced energy storage solutions.
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To "discover" means to find something in the course of a search.

At Discover, we are always searching for better solutions to battery and energy storage challenges. What started as a battery distribution business in 1949 has evolved to become a leading innovator and manufacturer of high value power solutions delivered and serviced globally through the best distribution partner network in the world.

Success in our market is about delivering excellence with the design, manufacture and supply of battery products and energy storage solutions that we know will set our Original Equipment and distribution partners apart from their competition and that provide meaningful results and outcomes for their customers.

Discover Advanced Energy Systems lithium batteries offer your the lowest total cost of energy storage for off-grid and micro-grid applications. With a warrantied life of 10 years, and a design of over 20 years, Discover AES batteries will last 3 ~ 5 times longer than traditional lead-acid batteries.

Discover AES lithium batteries are > 25% more efficient than their lead acid equivalents. Lithium batteries have 4 times the energy density of lead acid and they require no maintenance.



Enhanced Run Time.

  • Double the Run Time of Lead Acid Battery
  • 100% Usable Capacity
  • 100% Depth of Discharge

Extended Service Life.

  • Three Times the Life of Lead Acid Battery
  • Unlimited Partial State of Charge Cycles 
  • 10 Year Energy Throughput Stationary Warranty

Reliable, Safe, Certified.

  • LiFePO4 is Safe and Maintenance Free 
  • Integrated High Current BMS 
  • Field Serviceable BMS 
  • IP 55 Rated 
  • IEC 62133 Safety 
  • UL 1973 Safety Certified 
  • UN 38.3 Transport Certified
Parallel Power

Scalable Energy Storage.

  • Voltage Specific Models 24V / 48V
  • LiFePO4 Energy Storage to Over   120kWh 
  • Linear Scaling of LiFePO4 Charge and Discharge Capacity   
  • Integrated System Wide BMS Communication

Surge Power.

  • Power for Off-Grid Inverter Surge Demand
  • Peak 2.3C Discharge Rate 
  • 1C Continuous Discharge Rate


  • 30% Less Energy Waste Compared with Lead Acid Battery 
  • 95% Round Trip Battery Efficiency

Fast Charging.

  • Reduce Generator Fuel Consumption
  • 1C Continuous Charge Rate, Regardless of SoC 
  • Up to 5x Faster than New Lead Acid Batteries 
  • Up to 10x Faster than Old Lead Acid Batteries

Dynamic Performance Realized.

  • Real-Time Optimization of the Charge Rate 
  • Up to 25% Faster Recharge from 0% to 100% SoC 
  • Internal BMS Plug-and-Play Configuration with Power Conversion 
  • BMS Reports SoC and kWh Logs, Fault Logs to System



  44-24-2800 42-48-6650
Electrical Specifications
Nominal Voltage 25,6 V 51,2 V
Charge Voltage 27,2 V 54,4 V
Máximum Voltage * 29,2 V 58,4 V
Nóminal Capacity (1C) 110 Ah 130 Ah
Nominal Energy (1C) 2816 Wh 6656 Wh
Max. Continuous Current 110 A 130 Ah
Peak Current 600 Acd for 3 sec 600 Acd for 3 sec
Cell Chemistry LiFePO4 LiFePO4
Charge Temperature ** 0º / 45º C 0º / 45º C
Discharge Temperature ** -20º / 50º C -20º / 50º C
Storage Temperature ** -20º / 45º C -20º / 45º C
Self-Discharge 25ºC < 3% per month (battery off) < 3% per month (battery off)
Mechanical Specifications
Length (A) 329,5 mm 471,5 mm
Width (B) 347,5 mm 347,5 mm
Height (C) 276 mm. 375 mm
Weight 40 Kg 87 Kg
Terminal M8 M8
Terminal Torque 9 NM (+/- 3) 9 NM (+/- 3)
Case Material Steel Steel
IP Rating IP 55 IP 55

* Do not exceed maximum voltage at the battery terminal
** CAUTION: Extra considerations must be given to depths of discharge, operating voltages and currents when designing systems for use at maximum operating temperatures.


44-24-2800 42-48-6650
Constant Power - Minutes of Discharge Constant Power - Minutes of Discharge
500 W 1000 W 2000 W 2500 W 500 W 1000 W 2000 W 3000 W
337 168 84 68 799 399 200 133
Costant Current - Minutes of Discharge Costant Current - Minutes of Discharge
@ 10 A @ 25 A @ 50 A @ 100 A @ 10 A @ 25 A @ 50 A @ 100 A
660 264 132 66 780 312 156 78



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