08 / 07 / 15

The construction of a new Facebook data center in Texas broke into the news a few days ago. This new location, which will be its fifth site in size, has a budget of at least 500 million dollars and, best of all, it will operate completely with renewable energies.

As was to be expected, the center will be equipped with Facebook’s most recent and up-to-date technology, but for its sustainability this complex will be able to obtain its  energy from a wind park that  is  being  constructed at a 17,000  hectare site  in Clay County and that will add some 200 MW to the state’s electricity grid.

The company has always been in favor of creating for its data centers designs intended  to be efficient and economical. Furthermore, they defend the idea that technology, the same as knowledge, is only useful if it is shared. For this reason, Facebook  has opened its designs via the Open  Compute Project, with more than 200 members and thousands of participants who collaborate in developing technologies for the  construction of this type of centers, which besides being  efficient, are sustainable.

Finally, we must highlight one of the declarations made by Jay Parikh, Vice President for Engineering: “Facebook’s new goal of utilizing 50% renewable energy and the commitment to powering its data center in Texas with clean wind energy demonstrates the kind of transparency necessary  with respect to the constant progress toward being able to work with 100% renewable energy.”