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Coolcept fleX XL Steca grid connection inverters introduces the successor generation to the established coolcept-topology. Coolcept fleX XL offers a creative energy concept for any modern home.

Coolcept fleX XL offers an complette inverters family of grid conneciton inverters for the three phases on commercial applications.

What is coolcept?

Coolcept is Steca‘s new inverter topology that provides the highest peak efficiency. It is basically characterised by circuit simplicity combined with highest efficiency. The patented coolcept topology is a global innovation that is only available from Steca.

The advantages of coolcept

Coolcept is cool. 
High peak efficiency means the lowest possible heat dissipation. This makes cooling elements unnecessary.

Coolcept is efficient.
Stable peak efficiency over the entire power range ensures maximum yields.

Coolcept is long-living.
Low heat dissipation and cool components guarantee a long service life.

This incomparably affordable all-in one solution offers functions for very different applications and is even scalable in relation to the power requirement. Whether you need one or more MPP trackers, high-voltage or low-voltage storage, or a solution with or without an emergency power supply – everything is possible. Steca has already thought of and prepared for charging an electric vehicle straight from a PV generator. The new components and setting options enable the use in many countries.

Maximum efficiencies at all input voltages and reliable cooling concept
The maximum efficiencies of the state-of-the-art power electronics topology ensure minimal losses, thus guaranteeing a very long service life thanks to extremely low levels of self-heating.

  StecaGrid 1511 StecaGrid 2011 StecaGrid 2511 StecaGrid 3011 StecaGrid 3011-2
DC Input side (PV generator)
Maximum input voltage 1000 V
Operating input voltage range

120 ... 720 V

Number of MPPT tracker 2
Maximum input current 13,0 A
Maximum input power  4330 W 5670 W  7220 W  8760 W  10310 W
AC output side (Grid connection)
Grid voltage 320 ... 460 V (depending on regional setings)
Rated grid voltage 400 V
Maximum output current 6,74 A

8,82 A

11,23 A 13,63 A  16,04 A
Maximum active power (cos phi = 1) 4200 W 5500 W 7000 W 8500 W 10000 W
Maximum apparent power 4200 VA 5500 VA 7000 VA 8500 VA 10000 VA
Rated power 4200 W 5500 W 7000 W 8500 W 10000 W
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Frequency 47 ... 52,5 Hz (depending on regional setings)
Night-time power loss < 7,9 W
Feeding phases Three phases
Total harmonic distorsion (cos phi = 1) < 3 %
Power factor cos phi 0,8 capacitative ... 0,8 inductive
Max. Efficiency 97,1 % 97,1 % 97,2 % 97,2 % 97,2 %
European efficiency 96,2 % 96,2 % 96,5 % 96,5 % 96,5 %
Own consumption < 7,9 W
Isolation principle Yes
Grid monitoring Yes, integrated
Residual current monitoring Yes, Integrated (internal personal protection according to EN 62109-2, RCCB type B)
Protection class RCCB type B
Operating conditions
Area of application Outdoors & indoors
Ambient temperature -20 ºC ... 60 ºC
Relative humidity 4 ... 100 %
Noise emission (typical) 42 dBA
Fitting and construction
Degree of protection IP 65 / IP 55 (casting/fan)
Overvoltage category III (AC), II (DC)
DC input side connection Phoenix Contact SUNCLIX (connectors included)
AC input side connection Spring-type terminal strip
Dimmensions ( X x Y x Z) 563 x 405 x 233
Weight 17,9 Kg 17,9 Kg 19,9 Kg 19,9 Kg 19,9 Kg
Communication interface Ethernet LAN (RJ45), 4 x digital inputs, USB 2.0, potential-free contact, Webserver
Integrated DC circuit breaker Yes, Compliant with DIN VDE 0100-712
Cooling principle Temperature controlled fan, variable speed, internal (dustproof)

CE, GS, EN 62109-1, EN 62109-2, EN 60529, CEI 0-21, EN 50438*, G83/2, IEC 61727, IEC 62116, RD 1699, TOR D4, UNE 206006 IN,

UNE 206007-1 IN, UTE C15-712-1, VDE 0126-1-1, VDE-AR-N 4105

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