SolarEdge invented an intelligent inverter solution that revolutionized the way power is harvested and managed in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. The SolarEdge direct current (‘‘DC’’) optimized inverter system maximizes power generation at the individual PV module level while lowering the cost of energy produced by the solar PV system.

The SolarEdge PV inverter combines sophisticated digital control technology with efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior solar power harvesting and best-in-class reliability.

The fixed-voltage technology ensures the solar inverter is always working at its optimal input voltage, regardless of the number of modules in a string or environmental conditions.

A proprietary data monitoring receiver has been integrated into the single phase solar inverter and aggregates the power optimizer performance data from each PV module. This data can be transmitted to the web and accessed via the SolarEdge monitoring platform for performance analysis, fault detection and troubleshooting of PV systems.

The single phase inverter can be fitted with a seamlessly attachable cabling duct for managing the installation wiring. The inverters are lightweight and can be installed by a single person on a supplied bracket.

In addition to its functionality as a DC-optimized inverter, the single phase inverter also manages battery and system energy as part of SolarEdge’s battery storage solution

Single Phase inverter feature highlights:

  • Solar inverters specifically designed to work with power optimizers
  • Superior efficiency (>97%)
  • Excellent reliability with standard 12 year warranty (extendable to 20 or 25 years)
  • Small, lightweight and easy to install
  • Built-in module-level monitoring receiver
  • Communication to internet via broadband or wireless ZigBee
  • Supports PV and battery management as part of the StorEdge solution
  • IP65 / NEMA 3R – Outdoor and indoor installation


SolarEdge, Installation diagram

    SE2200 SE3000 SE3500 SE4000 SE5000 SE6000
Rated AC Power Output VA 2200 3000 3500 4000 5000 (1) 6000
Máximum AC Power Output VA 2200  3000 3500 4000 5000 (1) 6000
AC Output Voltage (Nominal) Vac 220 / 230
AC Ouput Voltage Range Vac 184 - 264,5
AC Frequency (Nominal) Hz 50 / 60 ± 5
Max. Continuous Output Current A 12 16,5 (2) 19,5 (2) 22 (2) 27 27
Residual Current Detector / Step detector mA 300 / 30
Protections,   Utility monitoring, Islanding Protection, Country configurable Thresholds


Maximum DC Power (Module STC) W 2950 4050 4700 5400 6750 8100
Transformer-less, Ungrounded   Yes
Maximum input voltage Vdc 500
Nominal DC input voltage Vdc 350
Maximum Input Current  Adc 8,5 11,5 13,5 15,5 19,5 23
Reverse-polarity protection   Yes
Ground-Fault isolation detection   600kΩ Sensitivity
Maximum inverter efficiency % 97,6
European Weighted efficiency % 97,6 97,6 97,5 97,5 97,4 97,4
Nightime Power Consumption W <2,5
Supported Communication Interfaces (3)   RS485, Ethernet, ZigBee (optional), Wi-Fi (optional), Built-in GSM (optional)
Smart Energy Management   Export Limitation, StorEdge applications
Safety   IEC-62103 (EN50178), IEC 62109
Grid Connection Standards   VDE 0126-1-1, VDE-AR-N-4105, AS-4777, RD-1663, DK 5940
Emissions   IEC61000-6-2, IEC61000-6-3, IEC61000-3-11, IEC61000-3-12, FCC part15 class B
RoHS   Yes
AC Output mm Cable Gland - diameter 9-16
DC Input   1 MC4 pair 2 MC4 pairs
Dimensions mm 540 x 315 x 172 540 x 315 x 191
Weight Kgr 20,2 21,7
Cooling   Natural convection
Noise dBA <25
Operating temperature range ºC -20 +50 (M40 Version -40 +50)
Protection Rating   IP65 - Outdoor and Indoor
Bracked mounted  



(1) Limited to 4600VA when inverter is set to South Africa
(2) For inverters with an AC current limit of 16A please refer to the “SE3000-4000-16A Inverter” datasheet
(3) Refer to Datasheets -> Communications category in Downloads page for specifications of optional communication options:

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  • SolarEdge2.jpg
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  • SolarEdge8.jpg
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